Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Aaannndd thennnn...

 Ten points to the person that can name the movie the title of this post is from. What, no idea? O.k., o.k., here's another clue "Dude!" "Sweet!"

No? Well then I suggest you all go brush up on your Ashton Kutcher/ Seann William Scott movies.

Now that we're finally on the other side of the wedding, I can honestly say my blood pressure has come down about 50 points and the nightmares about bad cake and dress disasters have stopped. Also I'm not constantly walking around mumbling under my breath about how Vegas still was a good idea. Heck, I'm so relaxed my butt is now permanently one with the couch. Ok, not permanently but there is a darn good dent in the one end.

As far as the day itself, it went great. No major disasters and no tears. Everyone was having such a good time that the country club was practically kicking us out at the end of the night. The ceremony (which we found online, I might add) was a whole 10 minutes long but totally us right down to Will breaking the glass at the end in honor of his Jewish heritage. Most of the night was a complete blur with a few snapshots saved in my head of my niece and flower girl Rylee, napping behind the head table. My dance with my dad who did a good job of holding it all together. Will and I doing our first dance with the spins and fancy dip at the end. Doing the chicken dance (oh yes we did) with my friends and family. Taking a short break by myself to just soak it all in. And ending the night at the after party in my pink "Bride" hoodie with so many good friends around us.

It was exactly what I never knew I wanted.

We have not gotten our pictures back from the photographer yet but there are a few floating around online. I think this is probably one of my favorites, taken right after our officiant and good friend Rory announced us married.

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