Monday, June 18, 2007

Whiny McWhinerson goes on a vacation

I've noticed an awful lot of whining going on in regards to this blog. Reading over the last couple of entries the number of whiny related posts about my lack of a love life, lack of a decent job, lack of money, etc. has been extremely high. And I'm embarrassed.

Whining does not look good on me. Yes, things are on the bad side right now but they're not always that way. Life swings back and forth from good to bad on a regular basis for all of us. What makes me so damn special to think I shouldn't be any different?

As my day is going on, I've been trying to figure out ways to remedy the situation and I think I've hit on something. I'm going to take a few days away from not just the blog, but the internet in general. I'll probably check my email and maybe hop on my MySpace page but beyond that, I need to spend some time on me. More importantly I need to spend some timing remembering all of the good things in my life instead of the bad. What it boils down to is I do have a lot to be greatful for. Friends, family, two jobs (while that may not seem to be something to be greatful for, some people don't have any), a working car, my health and so many opportunities I don't know which way to turn.

On that note, I may or may not post in the next couple of days. I do have some pictures from Opening Night and some thoughts on that but beyond that I'm going to just chill out. Get a few things done around the house...and remind myself again that NOT having a boyfriend, significant other, etc. is not the end of the world. And I am worth the wait for someone who will appreciate me for me.


Anonymous said...

Good for you.

You are definitely worth the wait.

And always remember, as bad as things are sometimes, at least you're not Sam Perlozzo.

Enjoy your time to yourself.

agategoddess said...

Too true my friend, too true. Poor Sam, another victim in the Evil Angelos meat grinder.